“Pharaonism is the Milk. 🙏”

👸🏼 Women have us… I am the Platelet Women are the yoke, The B in me. Take my hunger, teach me how the pains of love and the need of D-Galactose make us part, how can we feed and be together as humans in this world? Is it a trap of passion or a thirst. How do we start out family that is open to feed from 2 and respect your man that make B with the D-Galactose, the mention of our Mormon fathers has been requested of mentioning with a path of success in blessings 🙏 is a dedication to the lifestyle & needs of D-Galactose B-blood group people with Anti-A antibodies in there plasma.

“I have a faith for the Spirit of the D-Galactose. One that is not comparable to vaccinations of animals before B but Vaccination to those that have needs of B, the B in me”.
“My people have needs like those of O blood and A blood groups. Or anti-A is the same a anti-B, it can be twice for O but, the settling for one is understood as to not have 1 not to except.”
“My people have needs that women try to provide. The pain is not from lust or love, it’s the stomach. The pain leaves when you have what you need. It’s not meat, it’s not Fruit, it’s the milk.”

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