Hollywood Label

Hollywood Label Production Union

“Hollywood Label Production teams work together gathering content for future Films and content on “DTV Cable.com” Content is collected and stored in categories of Adult Model types from Daily activities.
We pay “Film Critic’s $10 film” to rate TV shows and Film content.
“Rated All, Mature, or Adult.”

( Email for information )
( HollywoodLabel@gmail.com )

You get payed 10% of completed Content sales as an “Executive Manager” & or 10% for “Executive Production” up to 20% combined.

“Executive Models” get the same rate pay as Management & producers, $100 part time, $200 full time, and $300 part time adult.

“Female Executive Producers” Get 10% Sales of season episodes for each “Executive Model Rate”


Adult Model Lifestyle $100🔞 Sexy Body Day


TV & Film Lifestyle $200🔞 Sexy Scene Day


Adult Model Lifestyle $300🔞 Sex Scene Day

Executive Models get payed the same amount.